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  • FRESH date Tools

    We provide you, as a RINGANA Partner, with a whole range of practical material and useful tools for FRESH dates – irrespective of whether you’re holding them online or offline. Read on to see what these tools are, how to use them and where you can find them:


    RINGANA business guide

    The smart RINGANA business guide in handy pocket format contains everything you need to know about the RINGANA business, and tells you what you need to bear in mind for FRESH dates, inclusive of the Do’s and Don’ts for RINGANA Partners. The FRESH date section explains how to plan, organise and stage FRESH dates.


    Online Academy FRESH date video series

    Professional tips and sample wordings from experienced RINGANA Partners and successful managers are also available in the RINGANA Online Academy, where you’ll find an entire series of videos devoted to FRESH dates. You’ll get a precise explanation and tips on preparation, the presentation itself, closing and follow-up.


    FRESH date bag

    The FRESH date bag contains both fresh products for your presentation and important material to help you organise and plan your FRESH date. So that you’re perfectly equipped for your next FRESH date – be it online or offline. The FRESH date bag is available to RINGANA Partners at an attractive first-time-order price.

    • You can order the FRESH date bag with the Training Founder Bonus
    • Or get it when you sign up as a RINGANA Partner


    FRESH date booklet

    The FRESH date booklet contains important information for your guests ranging from the price list to attractive FRESH date offers to our skin type test and prize coupon. Together with the RINGANA magazine, which contains informative product details, it will help you to inform and advise your guests thoroughly.


    FRESH date offers

    These set offers at exceptionally attractive first-time-order prices are exclusively for new customers who have attended a FRESH date. The FRESH date offer bestseller and the FRESH sample boxes are always available. In addition, we offer our customers alternating seasonal FRESH date offers that can only be seen at the RINGANA Partner Shop. Before any FRESH date, always check to see the latest FRESH date offer.

    • See details in the FRESH date booklet, and the seasonal FRESH date offers at the RINGANA Partner Shop


    FRESH date package

    The FRESH date package guides you through every step of the FRESH date – from advertising beforehand to doing the presentation for your guests. This package contains simply everything you need for a FRESH date. There’s an attractive
    e-invitation, ready-made social media templates to get attention on Facebook and Instagram, and 2 versions of the FRESH date presentation (one with and one without a business slide), that provide you with the red thread for your product
    presentation. Always make sure that you’re using the latest version of this package.